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FAQs - Product

1. Who uses a bunded fuel tank?


Bunded fuel tanks are used across multiple industries, but the most common would be: rental; mining; construction; agriculture; and, energy.


The most common use would be as a secondary fuel supply for diesel machinery (particularly gensets) in off-grid locations.




2. Why should I use a bunded fuel tank?


There are many reasons.  Generally they are of great benefit where it is either costly (transport) or difficult (location), to get a fuel truck to deliver as frequently as it is required.


A bunded tank contains a fuel spill.  Should - for whatever reason - the inner tank rupture, the outer tank will stop the fuel from spilling.  This protects your personnel, the environment, avoids clean up costs and minimises expense.




3. What kind of substances can be stored in your tanks?


Our standard bunded fuel tank range is intended for class C1 combustible liquids - most commonly diesel.




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4. What sizes do you make, and can you do bespoke tanks?


Our standard cube tanks are: 450L; 950L; 2000L; 3000L; 4500L; 5000L and 6300L


Our standard containerised tanks are: 10,000L; 20,000L; 30,000L; 45,000L; 50,000L; 60,000L; and, 100,000L.


Download a PDF specification sheet.


If you require a tank that is non-standard in size, it is quite possible we can manufacture it for you.  Please e-mail info@ecotechnologiesinternational.com and let us know your specific requirements.



5. What standards do your tanks comply with?


Our tanks are UN, UL and ULC certified.


The majority of country specific standards are derived from either UN, UL or ULC, and thus our tanks are suitable for use worldwide.


We also carry out pressure and water leakage tests on all tanks, and provide a final inspection report with each purchase.



6. Can you supply any accessories?


Yes.  We have had many common - and sometimes strange - requests from our customers.  The most common accessories are: pump stations and standby pumps; hoses and nozzles; overfill protection; water separators; contactor panels; bund sensors etc.


If you have something specific that you require, please ask and we will try to help.