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FAQs - Delivery

1. Do you hold stock near me?


We have a network of dealers covering different regions across the globe, so the answer is possibly.  It is more common for them to be carrying stock of the smaller (cube) tanks than the containerised tanks, as often a customer looking for a containerised solution wants additional extras to customise to their requirement.



2. How long does a tank take to manufacture and ship to me?


It really depends on the tank.  If we do not stock the product you're looking for close to you, or in the factory in Shanghai, we will schedule the build as soon as we can.  Small orders of cube tanks are usually ready to ship within 3/4 days.


For anyone wishing a regular supply of bunded tanks - whatever the size - we would work with them to schedule the build time at the customer's convenience, to ensure minimal lag time.  We can also advise on the best mix of tanks to make full use of a shipping container.


Shanghai is the world's busiest port, so it is straightforward to arrange shipping to your nearest major cargo shipping port.  For example, the shipping time to:


Brisbane (Australia) - 2 weeks;

Manzanillo (Mexico) - 3.5 weeks;

Lome (Togo) - 5 weeks;

Miami (USA) - 5 weeks.

(continued below)


3. Do you deliver door-to-door?


We can, but it is unusual.  Most of our customers are already importers and have a better understanding of their local import regulations than we do.  Sometimes our customers wish to arrange shipping themselves from Shanghai, but mostly we will arrange shipping on their behalf to the port of their choice.  


However you wish to arrange delivery, we will work with you, and you will always have a named point of contact you can liaise with regarding the transfer of ownership;  the necessary paperwork; and, scheduled docking times.



4. What does shipping cost?


It will depend on where you are and the product that you are buying.  Please ask your Account Manager to supply you with a fixed price quote for either LCL (less than a container load), 20ft, 20ft high cube, 40ft or 40ft high cube.



5. How many bunded tanks fit in a shipping container?


The image below shows a 'best mix' of cube tanks inside a 40ft high-cube container.  This includes: 6x450L; 4x950L; 4x2000L; 2x3000L; 1x4500L; and 1x6300L.


One of our Account Managers will be happy to advise you on the most cost effective means of shipping, according to your requirements.

ECO Tec Bunded Tanks Inside a 40ft High-Cube Container

6. Can you explain shipping terms to me (FOB, CIF, etc.)?


Sure.  Please download the attached 'Incoterms' for a clear explanation.

Incoterms explained